In his own words: Amb. Stevens diary revealed

Ambassador Chris Stevens' diary has surfaced. Initially discovered by CNN, but then (possibly at the request of the White House) relegated to a black hole by the Time Warner cable news operation, portions of the diary relating to professional matters have been published by Sofrep, a website focused on Special Operations Forces. The document looks genuine to me. The incontestable conclusion is that Stevens was well aware of the threat he faced. Sofrep writes: Written in the format of short hand notes, he wrote, "Militias the prime power on the ground. Weak state security institutions. As a result, dicey conditions." More pressing for Stevens personally, he wrote "Islamist 'hit list' in Benghazi. Me targeted..."  Stevens' final entry: "Never ending security threats..." Sofrep: We should have known. The US State Department should have taken proper precautions, before the attack ever happened, to ensure that American forces were prepared to respond on...(Read Full Post)