The Immigration Reform Circus

As an immigrant to the United States, I am often asked what I think of the need to do something about the broken immigration policy of the United States and the presumed overriding necessity to legitimize those that are illegally in the country.  Apparently, to many it is assumed and implied that I would be sympathetic to the plight of the millions who either deliberately overstayed their visas or crossed the border under the cover of darkness.  My first reaction is to say that it is not the national immigration policy that is broken, but the will to enforce the laws on the books coupled with this nation's absurd infatuation with political correctness and racial politics that is the problem.  As far as I am concerned, anyone who deliberately and knowing broke the law to enter the country can never be put on a path to citizenship and the best they could expect, as this is an exceedingly compassionate nation, is to be granted work permits upon a thorough background...(Read Full Post)