How Not to Identify Terrorists

Welcome to Obamaland!  As a nation now drowning in federal regulation and executive orders, Obama and his ilk have grabbed us by the throat and are gleefully dragging our middle-class butts though the gilded gates of a totalitarian asylum.  Here, truth, freedom, and justice are sacrificed on the politically correct altars of racism and multicultural sensitivity. A prime example of truth being discarded like two-day-old fish and chips: the sick and twisted ravings of Democratic Rep. Jim McDermott.  He, much like a wild-eyed homeless street preacher, drooling, spewing, and hectoring innocent passersby, presents us with a typical progressive Democratic mind, obviously bereft of thought, reason, or sanity. From the website: After a wave of criticism from politicians, advocacy groups and the public, 46 bus ads featuring photos of wanted terrorists will be taken down within the next few weeks, officials said Tuesday. The ad is part of a campaign...(Read Full Post)