How much do liberals hate George W. Bush?

The headline on the far left website Raw Story shows how much liberals hate George W. Bush: "Revealed: Bush ancestor was heavily invested in kidnapping Africans into slavery." For the record, it was his great, great, great, great grandfather. So, of course, that means that the former president would kidnap Africans into slavery if he had a chance, right? Or, something like that: Thomas "Beau" Walker, the great-great-great grandfather to U.S. President George W. Bush, was a notorious slave trader who either personally led or heavily invested in expeditions to kidnap Africans from their homeland and bring them to America as slaves, a journalist and historian announced this week. Word of the presidential ancestor came by way of retired journalist and genealogist Roger Hughes and historian Joseph Opala, who illustrated their findings to Slate. They made the discovery by comparing the signatures of known Bush ancestor Thomas Walker with a notorious slave trader of the day who...(Read Full Post)