How bad are our college teacher education programs?

A report from a group called the National Council on Teacher Quality has shocked the educational establishment and set off a firestorm of criticism. The report judges as "mediocre" college teacher education programs in the US with some schools getting a recommendation from the council to be avoided. Washington Post: The vast majority of the 1,430 education programs that prepare the nation's K-12 teachers are mediocre, according to a first-ever ranking that immediately touched off a firestorm. Released Tuesday by the National Council on Teacher Quality, a Washington-based advocacy group, the rankings are part of a $5 million project funded by major U.S. foundations. Education secretaries in 21 states have endorsed the report, but some universities and education experts quickly assailed the review as incomplete and inaccurate. Programs at Furman, Lipscomb, Ohio State and Vanderbilt universities received the only "four-star" ratings, while some programs, including at George...(Read Full Post)