Honoring Heroes of Conservatism: The Daniel Award

The prophet Daniel displayed tremendous faith and courage when he refused to bow down in worship to the king's false god.  Sentenced to death for his defiance, Daniel was thrown into the lions' den. My fellow Americans, under the unprecedented bullying of the Obama administration, our constitutional rights are being repealed.  Daring to challenge Obama's socialist/progressive agenda has dire consequences, which include personal destruction implemented by his henchmen in the mainstream media. Even while in the midst of congressional oversight investigative hearings, the extraordinarily arrogant Obama administration continues to use every governmental agency at its disposal to, as Obama said, "punish our enemies" (conservatives and Republicans). In cahoots with Obama implementing his socialist/progressive agenda, the thuggish mainstream media keeps its boot on our necks, enforcing political correctness and suppressing conservatives' free speech. It is infuriating that...(Read Full Post)