From the Front Lines

I am not a war correspondent (or any other real correspondent for that matter).  But I am trying to correspond, and I certainly am in a war zone: Turkey.  Though you would never know it's a war zone from reading local newspapers, listening to the radio, or watching TV. The night I arrived ten days ago, I was greeted with tear gas.  Now my eyes burn as I sit in my hotel room about a mile away from the epicenter of the revolt that arose in Taksim Square, Istanbul.  Such revolts have been popping up in over 60 locations through Turkey. Most (probably all) of what you hear from Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan is falsehoods (okay, let's call them lies, 'cause that is what they are).  I can write this with assurance, seeing firsthand what happens and then hearing what he says about it. The "isolated act of violence perpetrated by hooligan agitators" (direct translation of Erdoğan's words) was in fact multiple peaceful rallies throughout Turkey,...(Read Full Post)