Five Steps to a Man-ufactured Climate Crisis

With the President dealing out another round of anthropogenic climate-change hype against an ethereal enemy--i.e., reliable, inexpensive energy--claims of humans caused this or that meteorological mayhem is sure to follow. Some climate activists apparently have discovered an effective scheme to constantly draw a association between noteworthy weather and human culpability.  That dubious association comes in just five easy steps: 1.  Find a serious, recent weather event. 2.  Figure out what was unique about it. 3.  Claim that uniqueness was because of human activity. 4.  Get the media, politicians, spin doctors, pastors and pontiffs, Hollywood celebrities, and socialites and socialists of all stripes to vent your discovery of man-made disaster. 5.  Then wait for fame and fortune to fall from the frenzy. A man-ufactured climate crisis is easy when you stack...(Read Full Post)