Europeans angry about monitoring programs

Europeans are apparently very touchy about the idea that any of their citizens could have been targeted by the NSA surveillance programs and are none too happy with the revelations. Reuters: Europe, which lacks internet giants of its own, has long yearned to contain the power of the U.S. titans that dominate the Web, and privacy-focused Germany was quick to condemn their co-operation with the U.S. security services. "The U.S. government must provide clarity regarding these monstrous allegations of total monitoring of various telecommunications and Internet services," said Peter Schaar, German data protection and freedom of information commissioner. "Statements from the U.S. government that the monitoring was not aimed at U.S. citizens but only against persons outside the United States do not reassure me at all." The Post said the secret program involving the internet companies, code-named PRISM and established under President George W. Bush, had seen "exponential ...(Read Full Post)