ESPN's random act of feminism?

It's really hard to know today where the stupidity ends and the propaganda begins. MSNBC recently made news by labeling infamous segregationist George Wallace a Republican during a recent television broadcast. Now ESPN has followed suit, with a random act of feminism.  On the sports network's Friday US Open golf telecast, there was a short retrospective piece on golf great Lee Trevino's gag at the 1971 Open at Merion, where he tossed a rubber snake at opponent Jack Nicklaus right before their playoff. The piece's narrator mentioned that it was history's second most famous serpent story, next to that of the Garden of Eden. This was accompanied by Eden imagery, which certainly enhanced the work's artistic quality, so the association made sense. But then the piece took an interesting twist: The narrator closed with, "And Eve got dominion over Adam." Huh? Does ESPN have a feminist in the machine? Could it reflect a confluence of ignorance and the henpecked-husband syndrome,...(Read Full Post)