DoJ sends letter defending Holder on perjury charge

You knew that they'd find a way to parse what the AG said that would make it seem he was telling the truth when he told the House Judiciary Committee that he had nothing to do with the subpoenas of journalists and was unaware that Fox News reporter James Rosen would be indicted. Politico: The Justice Department has issued a new defense of Attorney General Eric Holder's Congressional testimony last month on investigations of journalists, sending a letter to two House leaders who complained that Holder appeared to have misled lawmakers at a May 15 hearing. The letter from Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik doesn't add much to the sum total of knowledge about why prosecutors named Fox News reporter James Rosen as a co-conspirator in order to get a search warrant for his email in a leak investigation. It also reflects statements DOJ made last week arguing that labeling Rosen that way was not at odds with Holder's statement to the House Judiciary...(Read Full Post)