Conservative Gratitude

Conservatives are too often stereotyped as reactionary, narrow-minded and angry.  As someone who faces these stereotypes every day, whether pointed at our clients at the Center for Religious Expression, or me personally, I was heartened to come across a speech given last week that articulates conservatism in a fresh, thoughtful way: as an expression of gratitude. Since 2004, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation has awarded up to four prizes of $250,000 each to innovative thinkers and practitioners whose achievements promote conservative ideals, relating to limited, competent government and a dynamic marketplace for economic, intellectual, and cultural activity.  One of this year's recipients was Yuval Levin, a conservative intellectual and journalist who previously served as a congressional staffer and a member of George W. Bush's domestic policy staff. Levin remarked in his Bradley Prize acceptance speech about the kind of vision conservatives share. To my mind,...(Read Full Post)