Border security amendment to immigration bill passes key test

A vote to bring the so-called border security amendment to the Senate floor for debate passed easily on Monday night, clearing the way for a cloture vote on the entire reform measure scheduled for Thursday: The Hill: The Senate voted Monday to advance a border security amendment to bipartisan immigration legislation, building momentum for a final vote later this week. The vote stood at 66-26 at 6:30 Monday evening and was being held open to allow more senators to return to Washington to vote.  Fourteen of the yes votes were Republicans, suggesting supporters could hit the 70-vote threshold they hope to reach in the final vote. It is thought a big, bipartisan vote could put pressure in the GOP-held House, where immigration reform faces dimmer prospects. Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio) were among the notable Republican no votes.  The amendment boosting security spending by $30 billion was intended to address persistent...(Read Full Post)