Baby, She's Back! Sarah Palin's Debut Back on Fox News

I caught Sarah Palin on Fox & Friends this morning.  Wow, talk about a breath of fresh air!  While listening to Palin speak on various issues and Obama's scandals, something occurred to me. Palin on TV fills a desperately needed void. Sarah Palin communicates in plain English, free of the usual guarded TV political speak. Palin fearlessly nailed Obama and company with the truth. Folks, I cannot express how good and hopeful I felt. Palin boldly defends our side (conservatives and the Tea Party). We have been kicked around by the Left and the mainstream media with little to no push back. With the exception of a few, conservatives seem to be always on the defensive, apologizing or trying to prove we do not hate blacks and Hispanics. It makes me sick. Despicably, the MSM and the dirty Democrats plant, water and nurture seeds of hate -- growing their army against the Tea Party who are simply regular Americans defending the Constitution and our God given freedoms. As a...(Read Full Post)