Atheists lose one

He didn't think he would give a speech.  For quite some time, Roy Costner IV was second among his classmates, and didn't realize an extra class raised his grade point average enough for him to be the valedictorian of Liberty High School's Class of 2013.  But when the honor was bestowed on him, and he was asked to give the traditional valedictory speech, Costner didn't want to waste this opportunity to acknowledge the most important influence in his life: his Christian faith.    There was a problem.  Liberty High School is a small public school in Pickens County, South Carolina, and the County's Board of Education had been targeted over the past year by activist atheists from Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) for praying at their meetings.  The (legally void) threats from FFRF had their intended effect, and the school board voted to suspend traditional prayer at their gatherings.  For good measure, the board also decided to...(Read Full Post)