Al Jazeera greasing Newseum to rent prestige?

With enough money, Al Jazeera figures it can overcome skeptics and earn some traction in the American news business. Al Jazeera America, the forthcoming cable news service owned by the Royal family of Qatar, seeks to reach and mold the national dialogue in forms congenial to devout Muslims of the Sunni inclination. The incomparable Claudia Rosett reports in the Weekly Standard: When it goes live later this year, its flagship primetime show, America Tonight, will be broadcast from a studio in Washington's Newseum-a high-tech museum of news and journalism with the self-described mission of "educating the public about the value of a free press in a free society." Is anything wrong with that picture? Plenty, if you consider that Al Jazeera is effectively an arm of the government of Qatar, a Middle East monarchy long on oil money and short on freedom. According to the State Department's 2012 Human Rights Report, Qatar has no independent broadcast media and all print media are...(Read Full Post)