You Think You'll Get a Free Pass?

Our empathetic president and his vice president took time out to see well-dressed individuals "who are in the country in violation of U.S. immigration laws but who have received "'deferred action' allowing them to stay in the country," as per Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.  On the other hand, President Obama refuses to meet with border security enforcement officers.  Thus, one is entirely correct in stating that "violating immigration laws now, in and of themselves, is just entirely inconsequential."  How galling! So we know where the "undocumented Democrats" -- I mean immigrants are.  But we still do not know where Obama was when three brave soldiers and an ambassador called for help numerous times as they were viciously attacked and murdered in Benghazi.  Nor can we elicit additional information about Fast and Furious, since Obama invoked executive privilege about something he claims he knows nothing about.  This, of course, makes the...(Read Full Post)