Why America is a great country

I know you don't need convincing, but this story in the Boston Herald about diners whose meal was interrupted by the Boston Marathon bombing and left without paying their bill, now making good on their tab, is inspirational and a sign that all is not yet lost in America. Boston Herald: "They all said, 'Listen, we were there, having a good time, and we want to pay our tab,'" said Tony Castagnozzi, owner of the Rattlesnake Bar, who said he has received a flood of calls since the April 15 terror attack. "I was speechless. ... You see there are so many good people out there. It makes you feel good." Castagnozzi, who has owned the Boylston Street bar for 23 years, said his customers were forced to leave behind more than $3,000 in unpaid tabs when cops evacuated them after the bombings. Since then, he's received nearly a dozen letters and calls from customers who've made good on their bills. In all, Castagnozzi estimates the bar has recouped about $1,200. t's the right thing to...(Read Full Post)