WH releases 100 pages of Benghazi emails on talking points

The release is supposed to "prove" that politics were never a factor in developing the talking points. Taken all together, they are still fairly damning And despite the selective nature of their release, the impression is still left that the State Department wanted to cover its behind when it came to warnings about security. Is that political? When one considers that any notion that the State Department failed to act on warnings would reflect badly on Hillary Clinton and her plans to run for president in 2016, you can't get much more political than that. Jake Tapper: A final CIA addition to the talking points was a warning about the security situation at the time of the armed assault. But that warning was eventually removed. Senior administration officials say that long before the CIA heard concerns from the State Department about warnings being put in the talking points, CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell advocated for removing the warnings out, since he felt the talking...(Read Full Post)