UK Independence Party Bops Cameron on the Nose

The priggish, haughty, establishment rear-kissing, quisling Conservative (term used loosely) Prime Minister David Cameron took it right proper on the old schnozzola in British council elections this past week. As London's The Telegraph reported: Nigel Farage, the party's [UKIP] leader, was jubilant after it emerged that one in four voters supported UKip in the elections in 35 councils in England and Wales. A goodly number of the 24% of votes racked up by UKIP came at the expense of the Conservatives, whose voters have grown sick and tired of Cameron's Labor Lite approach to key issues, like immigration, the economy, welfare - and his cloying PC.  The council elections are roughly equivalent to off-year elections in the United States (upcoming in New Jersey and Virginia); they give parties a palpable sense of voter trends, which aren't good for Cameron's Pale Pastel Conservatives.  In the wake of his party's disappointing results, Cameron is switching his...(Read Full Post)