Touring Benghazi

Travel around the world has never been easier, especially if you have your own fleet of jet airplanes.  However, as we have learned from recent testimony regarding the Benghazi, Libya scandal, if your travel plans include touring Benghazi, this destination is one of the hardest in the world to reach.  We are being asked to believe that even though they are well equipped, trained, and dispersed throughout the world at great cost to us, our military and other armed operatives like the CIA are incapable of a quick response in the case of a life-threatening terrorist emergency like Benghazi.  In February, the Joint Chiefs chairman, General Martin Dempsey, was asked by Senator Kelly Ayotte, R-New Hampshire, why F-16s at Aviano Air Base in Italy weren't deployed to Benghazi that night.  The General's response was: "This is the middle of the night now, these are not aircraft on strip alert," Dempsey said. "They're there as part of our commitment to NATO and Europe....(Read Full Post)