The 'wink, wink, nod, nod' style of governance

When you appoint a "butcher" a "baker" or a "candlestick" not be surprised when meat is cut, bread rises, or paraffin is molded and wicked. There may not have been any need for "direct instruction" for the IRS miscreants, and thus, to look for such evidence may be futile.  What is clear and what must be emphasized is that the appointments of persons with the proclivity for such malfeasance are where the crime and responsibility lay.  This is how it works.  It is the wink wink, nod nod following the clarification of where the appointee stands on politics and also where he stands on what will be done at any cost.  Once that is clear, no further traceable communication is necessary. So who suggested the IRS appointment?  And who empowered that person who did the appointing?  This is the real trail, and much more traceable.  Geithner exited.  Axelrod exited.  Coincidence? Obama has "appointed" Valerie Jarrett and...(Read Full Post)