The tragedy is that millions bought into 'hope and change'

Over the weekend, I saw an article by Heather Long complaining that Obama has turned out to be a lot like Bush: "This isn't the president so many took to the streets to cheer on in 2008. And the blame for that can't be placed solely on partisan politics or the media's thirst for a good scandal." Miss Long reminisces about the excitement of election night 2008.  She saw people in the streets celebrating the coming of Obama.  She recalls the anticipation of a new day, here, there and everywhere. Well, I also remember election night 2008.  Unlike Miss Long, I was disappointed because McCain lost and could not believe the hysterical reaction of so many in Chicago that night.  I looked at the TV screen and could not find the white smoke coming from the cathedral. Let me send a nice message to Miss Long and the millions who fell for the Obama magic.  Sorry but it was never really magic at all, unless you still believe that Peter Pan was a little boy who...(Read Full Post)