The real crisis facing America is global warming

Bengazi, IRS, AP ... who cares?  These are mere distractions. Let's not forget the real crises.  We are still facing a catastrophe of global proportions unlike any before in history.  Populations will uproot.  Coastlines will sink.  Water wars will erupt.  Biodiversity will disappear.  Icecaps will liquefy.  Space aliens will conquer. Nearly 40 years ago, when I was an undergraduate in meteorology at Penn State University, things were quite different.  Back then, the potential crisis for humanity--besides the aftermath of Watergate and the Vietnam War--was the coming of the next ice age and all its attendant misery. We know now that next-ice-age thing was wrong.  We were mistaken. After careful reflection and a rechecking of the data, we now know with certainty the truth about the global climate in the decades ahead.  97% of scientists who make their living off of exploring and promoting a human-caused climate-change ...(Read Full Post)