The Pinocchio Presidency

"If you like your doctor, then you can keep your doctor under the new Health Care Act" least that's what we were told. "The Benghazi incident was the result of a spontaneous uprising over an offensive anti-Muslim video that went viral" least that's what we were told. "I will, by the end of my first term, cut the deficit in half" least that's what we were told. "We don't have an immediate debt issue" least that's what we were told. And the list of lies goes on... At what point do we begin to question anything and everything that comes from this White House? When do the vast majority of Americans wake up to the nightmare that is destroying this country from within and begin to pay attention to the coordinated effort to make every incident a priority for political gain instead of what is right for the nation? Do we REALLY believe the unemployment numbers? What about the new changes to calculating the GDP... does this really gauge our progress, or are they telling...(Read Full Post)