The Murder at Woolwich

Just as we all expected! All the predictable things that could be said are being said. All the clichés about 'communities sticking together' and that these killers 'don't represent Islam" (even from David Cameron). And I heard a Sikh from London defend himself because he thought he may be the victim of revenge attacks. But we're not talking about 'communities'. We're talking about Islam and Muslims. We're not talking about Sikhs, Hindus, blacks, or people with yellow or purple skin. We're talking about Muslims and Islam. We aren't talking about 'blacks and whites uniting'. We're talking about Islam and Muslims. We aren't talking about racism or anti-racism. We're talking about Islam and Muslims. It really is that simple. How many times do people have to say all this? So is the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) only really condemning the bad publicity this murder has generated? Does it also condemn the political and religious (Islamic) reasons for the attack? Does it sympathize with the...(Read Full Post)