The Massachusetts Posthumous Benefits Program

Fifty-four percent of Americans oppose and are suspicious of the Affordable Health Care Act for many reasons - one being that it's clearly neither healthy nor affordable.  But what if that weren't true?  What if the whole country was anticipating Obamacare's full implementation with bated breath and every negative thing that's bound to hit the finest healthcare system in the world didn't hit - would it matter? Probably not, because even in the best case scenario, ultimately this is government-run healthcare we're talking about here, and central administration has proven time and again that simultaneous mobility and mastication require more coordination than officialdom can handle. A micro example of a macro problem that accurately illustrates what lies ahead when bureaucrats run the show was on full display in Massachusetts, a state that prides itself on its 2006 healthcare renovation, "An Act Providing Access to Affordable, Quality, Accountable Health Care," which has...(Read Full Post)