The farm bill is a real porker

They're going to mark up the farm bill this week and if I were you, I'd follow the advice of Heritage Action: "Hold On To Your Wallets: Farm Bill Incoming!" Nothing says big government quite like a trillion dollar farm and food stamp bill. And agri-lobbyists went to town in fashioning as many special interest goodies as the could stuff into a single bill. Two words: Out Rageous: Mark up week for the $1 trillion food stamp and farm bill has finally arrived and with it the ominous prospect of self-styled conservatives and Republicans rubberstamping President Obama's big-government agenda. Both the House and Senate Agriculture Committees released the draft text of their respective bills last week and the contempt for the American taxpayer could not be more evident. The bills look remarkably similar to last year's legislation: chock full of special interest handouts, market-distorting subsidies, taxpayer-funded shallow loss crop insurance, and of course hundreds of billions of...(Read Full Post)