The Devil We Know

An Irish proverb from the 1500s advises, "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't."  During the Cold War, the Red Army invaded Afghanistan to strut its military  prowess in the Middle East and add yet another satellite "stan" to the Soviet Union.  To be sure, the Afghani tribal chieftains proved to be formidable foes, though not unconquerable by the Soviet war machine. Enter the United States under the Carter presidency in support of the Afghanis.  A proxy war ensued,  pitting the United States against the Soviet Union.  Without committing troops, the American CIA launched an aggressive "secret" training initiative with the mission of enabling Afghani  Mujahedeen to defeat the Red Army.  Among those fierce warriors in training marched a mercenary Saudi soldier named Osama bin Laden.  The Carter administration chose to support the devil it did not know against the devil it did know. Almost simultaneously, Jimmy Carter...(Read Full Post)