Syria vanishes from the internet

It's the second time in 6 months that the Assad regime has flipped the "off" switch on the internet. Now only servers located outside Syria are reachable. Yahoo News: On Twitter, reports are coming in that the Syrian government has cut off Internet access to its citizens: Twitter rumours that the internet is being cut off in Syria. Confirmation? Source? -- IRDTP (@IRDTP) May 7, 2013 A quick check of independent Internet-monitoring services appears to confirm the complaints. Here's a chart showing Syrian traffic to Google dropping off a cliff: And here's the Web services provider Akamai's report: And BGPMon: All three sources show a steep drop in Syrian inbound and outbound Internet traffic beginning around 1:45 p.m. Eastern (6:45 p.m. GMT). The two Syrian top-level domain servers, and, are both down at this time, according to Umbrella Security Labs. It's not clear when they'll be back up. Here's a graph of Syrian internet traffic. Note the near flatline on the...(Read Full Post)