Rival Clans Vying for Power in Jordan

The recent violence at two universities in Southern Jordan, Mu'tah University and Al Hussein bin Talal, along with clashes taking place off campus, may in fact be a sign that much worse is about to happen in Jordan.  But the American news media are not doing much reporting on the story as they focus on the "Arab Spring" and relentlessly cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On March 28, riots broke out at Mu'tah University after the student union elections.  A few days later, more violence broke out wherein a 21-year-old student died, eight others were injured, property was damaged, and the university's classes were shut down until April 6. Another confrontation erupted there a week later but was curtailed by the university administration before it spread to more students. On Monday, April 30, the anniversary of the founding of the Al Hussein University, campus violence broke out between students of different clans.  During an open house gathering, a young...(Read Full Post)