Red lines are not real for the Obama administration

Red lines are not real for the Obama administration. That does not mean I have any brilliant solutions for what to do about Syria, where the choices are far worse now than a year ago, when we first started dithering.  However, the lack of resolve, and the failure to take seriously the redlines we ourselves set, suggests that no assurances the Obama team has provided Israel on preventing Iran from joining the nuclear club can be taken seriously.  We will punt, and switch to a containment strategy if Iran gets the bomb. Only action by Israel can delay this. In fact, the Administration seems more interested in reviving the appearance of a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, than in dealing with Iran. John Kerry has allies in this approach as Alan Dershowitz tries his hand at negotiations. He should stick to defending Claus Von Bulow and O.J. Simpson.   You know the Obama team is displaying weakness and incompetence when Jamie Rubin (Mr. Christiane...(Read Full Post)