Red lines are not real for the Obama administration

Red lines are not real for the Obama administration. That does not mean I have any brilliant solutions for what to do about Syria, where the choices are far worse now than a year ago, when we first started dithering.  However, the lack of resolve, and the failure to take seriously the redlines we ourselves set, suggests that no assurances the Obama team has provided Israel on preventing Iran from joining the nuclear club can be taken seriously.  We will punt, and switch to a containment strategy if Iran gets the bomb. Only action by Israel can delay this.

In fact, the Administration seems more interested in reviving the appearance of a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, than in dealing with Iran. John Kerry has allies in this approach as Alan Dershowitz tries his hand at negotiations. He should stick to defending Claus Von Bulow and O.J. Simpson.  

You know the Obama team is displaying weakness and incompetence when Jamie Rubin (Mr. Christiane Ammanpour) lashes out.

Iran is at the nuclear breakout stage.

Andrew Roberts make the historical case for pre-emptive Israeli action against Iran.

Caroline Glick argues it is time for Israel to confront the United States for its empty headed  policy about radical Islam.

Jonathan Tobin on how our Syrian inaction signals our intentions on Iran.

2. With the report today of the arrest of 3 more suspects in the Boston marathon bombings, the MSNBC/New York Times argument that we just need to treat immigrants better so they can assimilate and not blow up their neighbors, seem to be wearing a little thin.  Looks like both the Saudi Arabia and the Russians knew Tsarnaev was a bad guy, but the FBI, trained to think that the real threat is Islamophobia, not radical Islamic terrorism, may have blown it.

Mark Steyn is not a big fan of the :we all failed the Tsarnaevs line"

Eric Holder, arguably the worst attorney general in history, and a man who is concerned with racial redistribution and sensitivities, and not much else, claims that Muslims were subject to numerous attacks in this country after 9/11. That is demonstrably false (thee is one confirmed revenge murder). Attacks on Jews regularly are 10 times the number of attacks on Muslims every year.

3. I remember walking into the Post Office and scanning the ten most wanted list, and seeing a bunch of bank robbers. Not anymore.

4. There is a reason why conservatives are skeptical about government spending. We believe a lot of it is wasted and designed primarily to reward certain groups or companies. I am no fan of crony capitalism, at an all-time high in this administration, or the racial payouts like the Pigford scandal, that even the New York Times finds objectionable.

5. Support for Obamacare has dropped to an all-time low, 35%. This is from a Kaiser Foundation survey, an ardent supporter of the program.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to argue that the slowdown in hiring (the weakest recovery in 80 years), is not in part attributable to the incentives and disincentives created by this bill.


6. On the Illinois front, the Democrats in Springfield fail again to consider pension reform. Too hard, I guess, to take on the unions who put you in office. Meanwhile the state finances continue to crumble as education funding is cut to pay for the pensions. Want to see the blue state governance at work? Come to Illinois

On the first warm night of the season, a mere 20 Chicagoans are shot.

Chicago comes up short with only 4 of the top 25 violent crime neighborhoods in America, as Detroit takes the top 3 spots. Think about a place where 1 of every 15 residents is a victim of violent crime in a year.

At least the Blackhawks won their playoff opener in a nail biter in overtime 2 to 1.

7. Al Gore keeps peddling his doom for a few hundred thousand per speech, but fewer open-minded people are buying his climate change hysteria.

The second coldest start to spring in US history:

And out at Mount Rainier.

8. As a result of this article, I cancelled my subscription to Scientific American. Some of us know this is a bad study.