Press shocked by their spawn

What a whirlwind week?!  The media is dizzy trying to understand how so many swirling scandals were able to brew below the surface and boil over all about the same time. While the mainstream media is reaching for smelling salts, Democrats are stunned that anyone actually noticed, establishment Republicans are wondering if this Obama skullduggery could get them some positive media exposure, genuine conservatives are howling for action and justice, and the grassroots Tea Party groups are bewildered why it took so long for everyone to catch up.  And finally, average Americans are asking, "what the heck is going on?" Congressman Kevin Brady (R, TX) actually asked former IRS Commissioner, Steven Miller, "Is this still America?" First off, king Barack I's regime is so overexposed in every corner of the media, that "Obama is wonderful" fatigue is palpable; everything that glitters is not gold.  Secondly, the mainstream media is shocked that there could even be a scandal; they...(Read Full Post)