Obama Talks War

Obama is at the point in his presidency where nothing is ever going to quite be enough. Most two-term presidents do get there eventually, though the majority reach it in last year or so of their final term. Thanks to circumstance, Obama has gotten there in the first six months of his. Such presidential purgatories are marked by frantic efforts to demonstrate the continued relevance of the incumbent, to make a frantic effort to boost the legacy. In general, such efforts take the form of switching he spotlight from whatever trouble spot is erupting at the moment to something -- anything -- that might look better in comparison. Which brings us to Obama's speech at the National Defense University on Wednesday. (And how are the mighty fallen -- the man who once had Berlin and Cairo at his disposal for a "major" speech now must be satisfied with a government-owned institution across town.) Obama's single achievement of his first term -- with plenty of caveats and granted that it was...(Read Full Post)