Obama Built This Forgery

I don't normally display lawn signs or bumper stickers during political campaigns; I usually keep my voting preferences to myself.  (That's the point of secret ballots, right?)  But the November 2012 elections got me charged up to the point where I felt the urge to do something public, and since my friends already knew how I felt, I didn't think I would be divulging any secrets by doing so. But I didn't like the bumper stickers offered by the campaigns, or any of the clever ones being sold over the internet, because I was really against certain candidates rather than for the opposition.  So I designed and ordered my own, shown below in Figure OB: Figure OB.  "Obama Built This Forgery" bumper sticker. (The "Obama Built" is a reference to Obama's "You didn't build that!" statement on the campaign trail, because he did build this fake "birth certificate," or had it built for him.) Because I live in a very blue state, when I was out in my car, I would...(Read Full Post)