Obama approval slips in new Quinnipiac poll

An interesting snapshot poll put out by Quinnipiac today. It shows the president's support dropped significantly from the last poll taken on May 1 by the same outfit. It also shows that the public is overwhelmingly in favor of a special prosecutor to look into the IRS scandal - including 63% of Democrats. Politico: President Barack Obama's approval rating took a hit amid three controversies surrounding his administration, including an investigation into the Internal Revenue Service unfairly targeting conservative groups seeking nonprofit status, a new poll Thursday showed. Obama has a 45 percent approval rating and a 49 percent disapproval rating -- compared with a 48 percent approval, 45 percent disapproval rating from May 1, according to the Quinnipiac University poll. In particular, Obama plunged among independent voters. Only 37 percent of independents approve of him while 57 percent disapprove, Quinnipiac found. At the start of the month, 42 percent of independents...(Read Full Post)