NBC News's New President Has History of Israel-Bashing

Deborah Turness, the British journalist who has been editor of Independent Television's ITV News since 2004 and was named the president of NBC News on May 20, 2013, has a history of involvement with anti-Israel media bias. Most alarmingly, Turness and two ITV colleagues won an Amnesty International UK Media Award in 2008 for their controversial, one-sided news report "Too Young to Die - Children of the Frontline" about Palestinian Arab children. As editor at ITV News, Turness held the most senior news position at the network.  Making a shocking statement of moral equivalence, Turness stated in 2006, "We have to ask ourselves, are we being the tool of terrorists or the tool of the government?"  Turness is British born and has never worked in the U.S. "Too Young to Die" was over four and a half minutes.  The Israel spokesperson, Miri Eisin, was given approximately 14 seconds on camera.  There was no attempt in the piece to show any...(Read Full Post)