NAACP Chair Julian Bond is a Liar!

Chairman emeritus Julian Bond of the NAACP said the Tea Party is "admittedly racist."  Mr. Bond, I challenge you to show us the video, article, Facebook post, or tweet in which the Tea Party admitted that it is motivated by racism. As a black Tea Party activist who has participated in over 400 Tea Party rallies, I am confident that your claim is bogus.  Therefore Mr Bond, you sir are a despicable liar, severely compromising your image as a statesman.  You and your ilk purposely inspire hate in low-info black voters against Tea Party patriots who simply said no to Obama's socialist agenda and trashing of the Constitution.  Shame on you, Mr. Bond. The NAACP leadership has abandoned its commitment to traditional marriage, family, education, self-reliance, and hard work.  The once-great and well-intentioned organization has morphed into a far-left radial liberal racist hate group that exploits race, using it as a bludgeon to silence any and all opposition to...(Read Full Post)