Miller refuses to identify 'rogue' IRS employees who targeted conservatives

This is just outrageous - like the rest of Stephen Miller's testimony yesterday. Miller insists that singling out political groups for audits is not political. Wrap your brain around that logic, and then untangle it to try and understand his reasoning for not divulging the names of the "rogue" IRS employees responsible for coming up with the idea to target conservatives in the first place. Reuters: Republicans have vowed to find out who was involved, but Miller did not provide much of a road map. "Who is responsible for targeting these individuals?" asked Representative Kevin Brady, a Texas Republican. "I don't have names for you," Miller responded. Republicans accused him of dodging their questions. "I'm hearing, 'I don't know, I don't remember, I don't recall, I don't believe,'" said Representative Dave Reichert of Washington. "You don't even know who investigated the case, but yet you say it was investigated." Democrats seemed more inclined to accept Miller's...(Read Full Post)