Lois Lerner: The Impossible Ingénue

Following the administration's well-worn template, the Obamaites' response to scandal is to savage their enemies and lionize their friends. Gregory Hicks, former deputy chief of mission in Libya, has been effectively demoted for, among other things, daring to talk to a U.S. congressman about the Benghazi debacle without a State Department lawyer present.  A registered Democrat who twice voted for Obama, he was returned to Washington as a desk jockey and told he could expect a "good level of assignment."  He's still waiting. At the opposite end of the spectrum from Mr. Hicks is Lois Lerner, the IRS lawyer who apparently let slip last Friday before an audience of lawyers that the group she oversees, which grants tax-exempt status to "social welfare" organizations, was discriminating against conservative groups.  I'll get to the "apparently" in a minute.  An article by Elizabeth Williamson on Ms. Lerner in the Wednesday Wall Street Journal, p. A4 of the dead-tree...(Read Full Post)