Jon Stewart Is Criticizing Obama Too Late

Sure of himself, holier than thou, without a dent in his smooth fabrications, Jon Stewart has come out of his firm gait to gallop onto the other side of the debate, to run with the Obama doubters.  It didn't bother him that Obama drove us more than sixteen trillion dollars into debt, that he didn't stop massive unemployment,  that he was the match that burned in cities throughout the Middle East, and that he was responsible for standing down when we should have been standing up in Benghazi. No, while Obama was burning down Rome, Stewart just looked the other way and cracked his anti-conservative jokes like he was chewing on the jawbreakers of reason.  He now admits "that President Obama could have acted like Richard Nixon, but if he wasn't directly involved, it's still bad, because that makes him Mr. Magoo." Well, if that's true, then that makes Jon Stewart Joey Tribbiani from Friends.  He is a buffoon who insists that Obama is right year in, year...(Read Full Post)