Is this a great country, or what?

Americans are the most adept people on the planet in finding ways to make a buck off of anything. Case in point, a former Microsoft manager plans to create a US marijuana brand - a star spangled, red white and blue cannabis plant - that he hopes to import from Mexico. Reuters: Jamen Shively, a former Microsoft corporate strategy manager, said he envisions his Seattle-based enterprise becoming the leader in both recreational and medical cannabis - much like Starbucks is the dominant name in coffee, he said. Shively, 45, whose six years at Microsoft ended in 2009, said he was soliciting investors for $10 million in start-up money. The use, sale and possession of marijuana remains illegal in the United States under federal law. Two U.S. states have, however, legalized recreational marijuana use and are among 18 states that allow it for medical use. "It's a giant market in search of a brand," Shively said of the marijuana industry. "We would be happy if we get 40 percent...(Read Full Post)