Is There an Interfaith Movement in the Muslim World?

In the UK, non-Muslims have created a massive "interfaith movement" which a small number of media-savvy Muslims have taken full advantage of. We're always hearing about "community cohesion" and the necessity of "embracing diversity" from this movement. When an Islamic bomb goes off or yet another Muslim terrorist is arrested, the Church of Interfaith gets into full swing. When there's another case of Muslim grooming, the C of I assures us that there are also many gangs of Anglican groomers. When there's a protest against a super-mosque, yes, you've got it, the Interfaith zealots will be there begging the builders to make the mosque bigger and higher. So how's the Interfaith Movement doing in Muslim countries? A report was released on May 7th by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). It revealed that out of 15 nations which were the worst offenders against religious freedom, 10 were Muslim/Islamic nations. In these Islamic/Muslim countries, non-Muslims...(Read Full Post)