Is Brennan behind the leaks witch hunt?

A heretofore obscure document revealed by Wikileaks points to John Brennan, current head of the CIA, as the man behind the media subpoena abuses just revealed. Hmm, the same guy who insisted on being sworn into office on a copy of the original Constitution, lacking the Bill of Rights. Downright spooky. Kerry Picket of Breitbart flags the document in a post that deserves to be read in its entirety: A little over a week after President Barack Obama's reelection, Wikileaks released an email dump of global intelligence files from the private intelligence company Stratfor. One particular email, dated September 21, 2010 discussed President Obama's "Leak Investigations." So according to Burton, whoever that is, Brennan is "behind the witch hunt" and there is a "specific tasker" in the White House. People pay Stratfor a lot of money for access to inside insights, so maybe this is true. Brennan is a scary man. G. Murphy Donovan profiled him in 2010: Brennan is an...(Read Full Post)