IRS Frat Parties

Hearings on the IRS have been going on for only a short time, and yet through them we have come to know a lot about the IRS.  Let's review: * Top management of the IRS is detached.  Whoever is appointed IRS Commissioner, a presidential appointment with senatorial approval, is not that important.  We have seen two IRS Commissioners in these hearings - Douglas Shulman and Steven Miller (in Miller's case acting Commissioner) - and neither of them knows more about IRS operations that one would get from a fortune cookie. * Lois Lerner, IRS Director of Exempt Organizations, the person in charge of the unit of the IRS that targeted Tea Party 501 (c) (4) applications, believes that if she answers questions about her activities as a high official of the federal government, she will incriminate herself.  Think about that.  In a criminal courtroom, if defendants assert their Fifth Amendment rights, the jury will be...(Read Full Post)