Intentional Irresponsibility

The Obama Administration's attempt to deny involvement in any of the recent scandals is both intentional and possibly mortally wounding. The executive branch of the United States government is out of control, while Americans wonder who is responsible. But getting here was no accident. Growing up in the 1960's, the mantra of the left was to "over-throw the establishment." When asked what might replace it, young radicals told us they had no idea. You were either "part of the problem or part of the solution." The rank of community organizers rose to change "the system." But what if one actually rose to run the system? At that point, he himself would have to take responsibility, right? Wrong. President Obama and those around him have attempted to run a permanent campaign, posing as outsiders attempting to change the system, even while running it. Like left-wing rulers abroad, they speak the language of revolution and people-centered politics, while undermining restraints on power....(Read Full Post)