For the low information voters

It's sound bite time.  I defend the "low information voters" in that they don't have the time to read or listen to all the news. I can relate.  As a busy wife, mother, PTA member, local charities volunteer, avid supporter of my sons' football, ice hockey, soccer and tennis activities (to the extent that I was sure I was going to grow wheels);  as a homemaker (that means cooking, cleaning, ironing, shopping, etc., etc., etc.); as an actress, director, composer, writer, choreographer and follower of various other strictly personal pursuits,  I can attest to the fact that I had very little or no time to catch up on current events. Now I have the time and inclination to pass along news that I find important to the "low information voters".  I was one of them, and I understand. Hence, sound bites time. I am going to create a newsletter headlining one important topic of the day and guide my readers to current columns which I think will succinctly speak to...(Read Full Post)