For the low information voters

It's sound bite time. 

I defend the "low information voters" in that they don't have the time to read or listen to all the news.

I can relate.  As a busy wife, mother, PTA member, local charities volunteer, avid supporter of my sons' football, ice hockey, soccer and tennis activities (to the extent that I was sure I was going to grow wheels);  as a homemaker (that means cooking, cleaning, ironing, shopping, etc., etc., etc.); as an actress, director, composer, writer, choreographer and follower of various other strictly personal pursuits,  I can attest to the fact that I had very little or no time to catch up on current events.

Now I have the time and inclination to pass along news that I find important to the "low information voters".  I was one of them, and I understand.

Hence, sound bites time.

I am going to create a newsletter headlining one important topic of the day and guide my readers to current columns which I think will succinctly speak to that topic in a profound and eye-opening way.

For example:


I refer you to:

The American Spectator:  "The Benghazi Select Committee" Jed Babbin

The American Thinker: "Benghazi bureaucratic blame game escalates" Thomas Lifson

The Washington Times: 'Watch Out for Petraeus in the Benghazi Scandal"  Joseph Carl

This may start out going only to my email list.  Each of them has an extensive list.  Most of them are busy people with little time to sort through the stories of the day.

As we are all encouraged to start at the grass roots, this will be my current contribution.

If you get an email from me, don't be surprised!