Down the Rabbit Hole with Obamacare

It is beyond Alice in Wonderland goofiness. Special regulations regarding appropriate treatment of injuries resulting from walking into lampposts? Ditto for chicken coop injuries? How about bumping into a sculpture at MOMA? It's there. Regulation Y92250. It is as if the Hatter, the Hare and the Dormouse all work at HHS dreaming up regulations for Obamacare. They toil under the watchful eye of the Secretary of HHS and staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood, Kathleen (Queen of Hearts, "Off with their heads") Sebelius. While the Obamacare act itself is ~1000 pages, under the Queen's mandate, "the Secretary shall promulgate regulations ,"  that is just the beginning. The Queen's trolls have already added 20,000 pages of rules. There are rules for chickens and lampposts and slithy toves and such. Injured at a chicken coop? The code for that will be Y9272. Fall at an art gallery? That means you are a Y92250. There are three different codes for walking into a lamppost --...(Read Full Post)